Project Kellar - designing new multi-modal interfaces for semi-autonomous vehicles
Takaharu conducted a design project to design new multi-modal interfaces for semi-autonomous vehicles at Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo with two members from IIS and two members from Royal Collage of Art.
The project was a collaboration with Suda and Nakano labs, who work on automated driving and automotive HMI at IIS, and aimed to propose a new interface based on their research.
We proposed two concepts of interaction to replace existing steering wheels and pedals for vehicles with more advanced driver assistance system in the future through ideation and prototyping process.
Project Kellar - 半自動運転車のための新しいマルチモーダルなインターフェースをデザインするプロジェクト
Project Kellarは東京大学生産技術研究所DLX Design Labにて、私を含め東京大学のメンバー3人・Royal Collage of Artのメンバー2名がグループで行った、近未来の自動運転車のマルチモーダルを利用した新しい操縦システムを考案するデザインプロジェクトです。

Design Process

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